Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stalking the "Tiki Star Fighter"

I first saw this 1930 Model A Coupe about 3 years ago, at a local car show. ( I believe the World Of Wheels, it had cast iron headers and stock heads.)

I then promised myself I would do a drawing of it. Now I seem to see it at every car show I go to! I feel like I'm stalking this car! Two years ago I was at a show in Bloomington Illinois. There it was! Went to the Goodguy's in Mad-Town last summer on the last day, there were only about 25 cars left. There it was! Finally I saw it at the Hunert Car Pileup and told myself to stop the stalking, before the owner calls the cops.

I can't explain the appeal of this car, except that it's got the right look... From the wedge-chopped roof (4.5" in the front, 5" in the rear) the 36 Ford headlights, the perfect 51 Merc Flathead with a rare Thinkston High-Rise and custom 'Star Fighter' style lake pipes, to the smoothed pin striped teal firewall, pitch black paint, 47 Plymouth dashboard and Tiki air freshener. It all works in perfect harmony...

So here's my latest pencil rendering! The "Tiki Star Fighter"

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