Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is my first blog here, and I thought I'd start by talking about my first car show and displaying my artwork. Last weekend I was in the World Of Wheels car show in Chicago. Larry Grobe of VooDoo Larry Kustoms was asked to be in the show and he let me have some of his space. (Thanks Larry!) Larry's the guy far right.

One of the cool things this year, was old customs and hot rods resurrected from the past. This 54 Olds "Joanne's Dream" was Tom Archers creation from the 60's and restored for a TV show by Beyond Productions and Marquis Auto Restorations. They brought pictures from Popular Customs winter 1963 magazine. This restoration was started in November of '08! Unbelievable. They didn't get the chrome back until a few days before the show.

Another cool car was just about 50' away my booth. Jeff Knudsen brought the Dick Roy built 1932 5 window coupe. Built in 1956 and shown until 1968 then stuck in a barn! He's restoring back to its glory show car days of the mid 50's. He also brought some great pics.

The last was a 1929 Ford Pick-up truck. It's perhaps the best story. Pat Finley and his dad built this truck in the 50's. and showed it for years. When he went into the service his dad sold the truck. His parents divorced and he lost track of his cool truck. He heard it was in the town his mom lived in. He found the owner and tried to buy it back. The trucks caretaker said you can ask my wife after I'm DEAD. So a bunch of years past and the guy died. He told the widow the story and bought it back! He's in the process of restoring the drive train to make it drivable. It got a new chrome rearend, rebuilt suspention to follow.

I had a great time at the show and met a lot of wonderful and interesting people. I hope people keep restoring these old show cars. It's a part of our hot rodding history! Ed

Thanks for checking out my first blog. My website is http://www.edtillrock.com/

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